Committee of 100 for Tibet

The Tibetan people are the custodians of this rich cultural heritage: an ancient wisdom of inestimable value to the modern world know to many through His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Founded in 1992, the Committee of 100 for Tibet (C100) is a unique organization in its composition, strategy and uncompromising support of the Tibetan people in their peaceful struggle. In addition to pursuing its own projects, the C100 actively endorses and contributes to the work of other key organizations supporting Tibet and the Tibetan people.

C100, a member of International Tibet Network, has developed a number of key initiatives to educate people about the situation in Tibet. WhyTibet  is an online video project which holds a collection of video recordings of individuals stating why they care about Tibet.

In 2004 the Committee of 100 for Tibet and The Dalai Lama Foundation worked together to develop the exhibition, ‘The Missing Peace – Artists Consider the Dalai Lama’. Some of the world’s most respected artists from 30 countries were invited to create a work of art inspired by the Dalai Lama’s life and principles and the results include thought-provoking works from eighty-eight innovative artists, spanning photography, painting, textiles, animation, sculpture, video, and installation pieces. Visit the Virtual Tour of Missing Piece exhibition

The C100 is dedicated to educating people throughout the world on the tragic situation in Tibet today. Tibetans continue to be deprived of their basic human rights and freedoms, are marginalized and impoverished by unjust and discriminatory policies, and their unique culture and Buddhist religion – an ancient heritage of inestimable value to all humanity – is in peril.

C100 defend the right of Tibetans to their own national identity and chosen way of life and are committed to advancing the Tibetan people’s legitimate right to decide their own future consistent with their United Nations-recognised right to self-determination.