US Tibet Committee

Since 1977, the U.S. Tibet Committee (USTC) has worked to further the Tibetan people’s nonviolent struggle to restore independence to Tibet. At the grass roots level, USTC is committed to educating Americans on the occupation of Tibet, and to mobilize them into action against this injustice. The work of USTC began when its founders, India Trinley and Sherpa Tulku, and their supporters, successfully overturned a U.S. State Department ruling which disallowed U.S. citizens of Tibetan origin to name their country of birth in their passports.

Sonam Wangdu, USTC’s Chairman sends a message of warm respect and success to His Holiness for his forthcoming 80th birthday. “Let’s move forward, wishing His Holiness Happy Birthday and, equally important, to make our commitment to work for the Tibetan people to make sure their suffering is ended as soon as possible.”