G7 – Unite for Tibet!

By getting together and developing a common approach with shared strategies, our governments can gain leverage over China that doesn’t currently exist…. For Tibet the situation has never been more critical – for the world the solution has never been more practical. It’s time to Unite for Tibet.

For the start of today’s G7 summit in Germany, Tibet Groups around the world have written to G7 leaders with a plea to keep sending a strong message to China to end its crackdown in Tibet. Tibet campaigners are specifically asking the world’s most influential leaders to coordinate their strategies on Tibet, so that China understands that individual nations will not submit to its bullying behaviour and punitive reactions whenever politicians meet with His Holiness.

Read Grab Unite for Tibet reportInternational Tibet Network’s report “Unite for Tibet” (click image right or view the report embedded below the video) for an overview of China’s behaviour, and our governments’ needless self-censorship on Tibet and watch the video “Tibet Solution” below, (from where the quote on this page comes). 

Tibet needs the world’s most influential governments to unite, to work together to maintain pressure on China to recognise and uphold universal values. The time to act is now.