Solidarity Day for the Panchen Lama

PanchenReportCoverOn this day, 20 years ago, the young Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima and his family disappeared. They have not been seen by the outside world since.

Lobsang Tseten, (below right) 26-year old Asia Regional Coordinator of International Tibet Network, born and brought up in exile, wrote of another 26 year-old Tibetan – Gedhun Choekyi Nyima: “I grew up around people who loved me and made me the man I am today, but Panchen Rinpoche has been kept away from his people for too long. He’s been denied his share of love and respect but more importantly, his freedom. I dont know where he is; China snatched him from me and my people 20 years ago. For that long, all of us have been looking for him and wishing for his safe return.

LTsetenphoto“Today marks 20 years of separation and 20 years of freedom denied. It’ll also be 20 years of us reminding CCP that we are not giving up hope, or the fight. We will keep fighting till the Panchen Lama returns. There are no dungeons deep enough, no walls high enough to keep out the message of freedom, freedom will rise.”

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